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Dr. Qureshi celebrates 5 year anniversary of founding RCT

January 22nd, 2016 — 10:20pm

In January 2011 Dr. Qureshi opened the doors of Retina Center of Texas.  Starting in Grapevine, in what is only the upstairs portion of the clinic today, he based the practice on unmatched patient care and compassion. 5 years has seen the practice grow to now more than twice the space in the original Grapevine location as well as the new Fort Worth office, partnering in the Park Hill Surgery Center, and the addition of Drs. Warminski to the team. During this time, Dr. Qureshi has been featured in local magazines, invited to lecture at prestigious Johns Hopkins University and Duke Medical Center, and honored by Tarrant County Medical Society for his charitable work. The practice growth and accolades demonstrate his dedication to providing top level retinal care to his patients. Dr. Warminski remembers, “When I first met Dr. Qureshi and spent time in his clinic it didn’t take long to realize that it was something different that most practices I had seen. The patients seemed more like family and friends and were very comfortable, even while dealing with potentially blinding retinal diseases. That made a deep impression on me and definitely drew me here to join him.”

Join us in congratulating Dr. Qureshi on an amazing 5 years and planning for many, many more in the future!

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Make These 3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Sight

January 1st, 2016 — 3:11am

Improving your overall health is a good way to reduce the risk of serious retinal conditions. Make your New Year resolution to improve health and minimize the chance of vision loss.

  1. Control diabetes – Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness in patients of working age and is the result of a lifetime of elevated blood glucose levels that damage the small blood vessels in the body. In the eye, the retinal vessels can become leaky and eventually can’t carry enough blood to supply the retinal tissue. Dr. Qureshi explains “fortunately, damage from diabetes is preventable with good control of blood sugar. Study after study shows that maintaining as close to normal blood sugar levels as possible can prevent retinal damage from diabetes.”  Make 2016 the year you get control of your diabetes.
  2. STOP SMOKING! – Age related macular degeneration remains the leading cause of blindness in people over the age of 65 and one of the principle problems treated by physicians at RCT. There are many risk factors for AMD but few are modifiable. Dr. Chavala states that “compelling animal studies suggest that smoking can worsen the severity of wet macular degeneration and possibly make the disease more difficult to treat.” He goes on to say: “In my personal experience, I have noticed that wet macular degeneration patients who smoke have more bleeding and fluid leakage making our therapies less effective.” Make 2016 the year you finally stop smoking.
  3. Get a complete eye exam – There are multiple different diseases that can affect your vision and can even cause irreversible blindness but few of them happen suddenly. Dr. Warminski recommends, “a thorough eye exam starting at the age of 40 can identify early disease or risk factors that can help reduce the chance of developing vision loss in the future.” National studies show 1 in 3 Americans have some vision threatening problem by the age of 65 and early detection is the best weapon against these conditions1. Dr. Warminski continues, “depending on the findings of the exam, family history, and other medical problems the appropriate interval exams can be determined to monitor for any disease progression.” Make 2016 the year you get a complete eye exam.

All here at RCT wish you and your families a happy, healthy 2016!


1 http://www.geteyesmart.org/eyesmart/living/screening.cfm



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