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Artificial Retina Technology Progresses

March 28th, 2017 — 2:13pm

One of the main problems in treating retinal disease is the fact that the retinal cells do not regenerate when damaged. Tremendous advances have been made in the treatment of retinal conditions but these interventions are based on controlling and limiting damage to the retina, after the damage occurs we have very little we can offer our patients.  Several different possible treatments are in development, one of the most promising of which is a retinal prosthesis.  Second Sight currently has the Argus II retinal implant on the market for use in patients with severe retinitis pigmentosa. The device works by an implanted electrode on the surface of the retina stimulating the tissue from signal it receives from a glasses mounted camera. The Argus II implant has been able to improve sight but to a limited degree based on the number of electrodes that can be implanted.


NBC news reports yesterday http://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/tiny-device-game-changer-people-facing-blindness-n738921 of new research in Italy that would increase the resolution of retinal implants significantly. Increasing the number of electrodes would increase the potential vision that patients could achieve as well as increasing the number of patients that could be benefited.


As the technology advances we at RCT remain dedicated to bringing these advanced treatments to our patients.


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