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Welcome to the Retina Center of Texas

At Retina Center of Texas, we are dedicated to providing individualized, cutting-edge care tailored to your particular problem in a caring and supportive environment. The entire staff at Retina Center of Texas strives to treat all of our patients like family, and provide the compassionate, technical expertise necessary to achieve the best outcomes.
We see new patients in our clinic every day, and same-day consultations are available for patients with urgent or emergent needs.
At Retina Center of Texas we place a tremendous value on educating our patients. We pride ourselves on making sure that you are well educated concerning your disorder, allowing you to take an active part in your treatment process.
Most patients are referred to Retina Center of Texas from other eye care providers and physicians. Dr. Qureshi and Dr. Warminski utilize the most advanced surgical and medical approaches including advanced imaging, the newest therapeutic strategies and suture-less vitrectomy to name a few. Retina Center of Texas is committed to providing the best treatment outcomes possible.

Dr Kruti Dajee Dr Jawad Qureshi Dr Johnathan Warminski