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What is B-scan Ultrasonography?
Ultrasound uses sound waves at high frequency to pass through tissue and measure the reflection with higher density tissue causing more reflection. B-scan ultrasound uses an oscillating probe to create the signal that is processed into a 2-dimensional image.
What is B-scan Ultrasound used for?
The mainstay of ophthalmology is visualizing the structures of the eye to make diagnoses; however, sometimes the view to the retina is blocked by corneal disease, cataract, or vitreous opacity. In these instances, B-scan ultrasound is performed to assess the tissue in the back of the eye for any signs of damage. Vitreous hemorrhage, retinal detachment, and intraocular tumors can be identified and characterized with the use of ultrasound images.
How is the test performed?
The ultrasound probe is placed in contact with the eyelid or the surface of the eye with a gel to help the signal. An image is created and viewed in real-time and, as the eye moves and the probe changes orientation, the entire posterior segment of the eye can be imaged. Images can be taken and measurements made to serve as a reference for future exams.

Ultrasound allows for the assessment of the eye when there is no view to the retina
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