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Patients: What to Expect?

Welcome to the Retina Center of Texas! Together, we can achieve life-changing improvements in your eyesight, quality of life, and peace of mind. We see new patients in our clinic daily, and same-day consultations are available for patients with urgent or emergent needs.

We kindly request that you plan to be at your appointment for up to 3 hours .

What type of appointments do you offer?

We offer specialized retinal eye exams to discover and treat various conditions, including:

Dr. Qureshi, Dr. Warminski, Dr. Abdelaziz, and Dr. Patel utilize the most advanced surgical and medical approaches, including advanced imaging, the newest therapeutic strategies, and sutureless vitrectomy.

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Medical Retinal Exam

Frequently Asked Questions

The retina is the light-sensitive tissue in the back of the eye. The macula is the central area of the retina that is responsible for the most functional vision. Damage to the retina can lead to blindness or vision interruption, such as blurriness or distortion.

The vitreous body is a clear gel that fills the space between the retina and the lens. Both structures can be subject to many conditions, including problems caused by inherited or congenital disorders, eye diseases, and eye trauma.

A retina specialist is an ophthalmologist who has received special training in the medical and surgical treatment of conditions involving the retina and the eye's vitreous. Your doctor will recommend the services of a vitreoretinal specialist to a patient with an eye condition that cannot be cared for by a general ophthalmologist. Retina specialists treat a wide range of eye conditions in adults and children.

Your Visit

If you have completed your registration forms before your appointment, we recommend arriving 10 minutes early.

If you have not completed your registration forms before your appointment, we recommend arriving 15 minutes early to complete your forms.

  • Your insurance card and photo ID
  • Co-pays for specialists as noted on your insurance card
  • List of medications
  • Eye drops you are currently using
  • Eyeglasses and/or contact lenses that you currently wear
  • Copy of your doctor referral (NOTE: Without a proper referral, payment will be due at the time of the office visit)
  • If not already submitted, a copy of your completed registration forms

We have a Patient Registration fillable PDF form that allows you to type your patient information in the form and email or fax the completed copy to us before your appointment or bring a copy to your exam.

We recommend that all patients complete their forms before their appointment.

Step 1: Please schedule an appointment with us.

Step 2: Complete your patient forms and return them to us:

Your eyes will be dilated during your visit, making your vision blurry and your eyes more sensitive to light for several hours. After your eyes are dilated, you will need to wait before the retina specialist can examine your eyes. Some people find it difficult to see or drive after being dilated for several hours. If you are not using public transportation or do not feel comfortable driving yourself, please consider arranging for someone to drive you home.

If you have diabetes and your appointment will run in your meal break, please bring a snack to your appointment.

After your examination, your retina specialist will discuss the exam results with you and answer any questions you might have.

You may need to have a follow-up appointment at a later date.

Please call our office immediately at (817) 865-6800 if you have a severe problem with your eyes or suspect a possible emergency. We will work you into our clinic the same day during clinic hours. You will be routed to the after-hours on-call physician if you call after regular business hours.

Retina Center of Texas will submit all insurance claims (Medicare, primary and secondary if needed) for you as long as you provide all the required information.

Required information includes, but is not limited to:

  • A current, valid copy of your insurance card
  • An address and phone number to submit claims and verify coverage

Co-Payments and prior balances, if applicable, will be collected at your appointment. Retina Center of Texas accepts cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Patients will receive a monthly itemized statement of all charges and payments. Any costs not covered by insurance are the patient's responsibility and must be paid within 20 days of receipt.

Note: If Medicare is your only insurance, you will be charged a co-payment at your appointment. If we do not participate with your insurance, payment is due at your appointment.

We accept most major insurance carriers (hyperlink to Insurance page list of Insurance Plans we accept). Retina Center of Texas submits to all insurance carriers, including all out-of-network providers. We request that patients bring their health plan cards to their appointments.

If your insurance carrier requires a referral, please have your referring physician submit a referral before your appointment or bring a copy to your appointment.

To pay your bill, please click on this link:

Retina Center of Texas has a full-service billing staff to assist you with any medical billing matter. RCT Billing staff is available to assist you Monday thru Friday, 8 am – 5 pm. To contact the billing department, please dial the main number at (817) 865-6800 Option #8.

To access the Patient Portal, go to:

Upon checking out at one of our offices, we will provide each patient with a printed registration form to access our patient portal. The paper form will contain your unique security code and our practice id.

The security code and practice id are required to access our patient portal. We will email you an invite to the patient portal if you have provided us with your email address.

Email us at or call the office at (817) 865-6800 to request your unique security code and our practice id.

You can:

  • Exchange secure messages with your doctors
  • Request medication refills
  • Request appointments
  • Access your health record

You may send a secure message to your doctor through our patient portal.

Please review detailed information about your upcoming surgery.